Young Buyers Trust Recommendations Above All Else

Mar 4, 2019 — National Association of Realtors

Friends and family are the number one way younger millennials and Generation Zers learn about brands, outpacing Google, social media, Amazon, retail stores, and television, according to a recent study of 18- to 29-year-olds by Swift Prepaid Solutions, a payments technology provider.

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As digital natives, members of this group of emerging buyers are highly tech-savvy, and, like their older counterparts, prefer to browse online before making a purchase. However, because brand loyalty among these buyers is largely driven by opinions of people they know and trust, it’s crucial for real estate pros to build strong, lasting relationships with their clients in order to attract more business.

Here are three ways to provide high quality customer service to strengthen your brand reputation and build loyalty among your clientele.

1. Reply to emails and phone calls immediately. When a prospective client reaches out for the first time, and doesn’t hear back that same day, they may very well move on. Today’s clients are looking for fast responses to questions from someone who cares.

2. Exercise unparalleled transparency. The more transparent a real estate professional is when working with a client, the more trust they will gain. “There’s no excuse for neglecting to disclose anything,” says San Diego-based real estate investor and educator Than Merrill.

3. Focus solely on your clients. Customer service consultant, speaker, and trainer Micah Solomon suggests getting to know clients on a personal level, like a bartender, doorman, or hairstylist would. Work on remembering details like the names of their children or pets. True personal service will differentiate your brand.

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