Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agent by Offer?

Agent by Offer is a professional website where we provide a service designed to help pair individuals with real estate professionals. With Agent by Offer, individuals can create a profile and submit listings to buy, sell, or rent out property. Real estate agents, Realtors®, and property managers can create a profile and submit "Offers" to represent individuals based on fees associated with using their professional services. Real estate transactions can be time consuming, costly, and frustrating. Finding the right real estate professional is just as important as finding the right property. We at Agent by Offer are focused on finding people the right real estate professional while encouraging a competitive environment.

What are the costs?

Creating an account on Agent by Offer is free. We provide two service plans; Individuals who would like to submit a listing to buy, sell, or lease property pay a one-time fee for each listing. Real estate professionals who would like to submit "Offers" pay a monthly subscription to submit unlimited "Offers." At Agent by Offer we believe in giving back and 100% of all Listing Fee profits are donated to a Non-Profit Organization. You may also donate directly to our partnered Non-Profit Organization by clicking here.

I want to buy, sell, or rent out property, how do I find a real estate professional on Agent by Offer?

Finding a professional to help you navigate your real estate transaction has never been easier; they come to you! By creating an account and submitting your listing, you will be able to receive "Offers" from real estate professionals competing to represent you.

As a real estate professional, how do I find clients on Agent by Offer?

Finding a client to help purchase, sell, or manage their property has never been easier. Agent by Offer is a source of the best kind of leads, people who are raising their electronic hand saying "I want to sell, buy, or lease property" through listings. These listing will show you details about a clients requested real estate transaction and allow you to "Offer" your services. You will be able to browse, search, and receive notifications of listings that align with your criteria.

How do I submit a listing to buy, sell, or rent out property?

All you need is an account, internet connection, and the details of the home you are selling, the criteria for a home you would like to purchase, or the property you would like to rent out. You will be able to upload photos directly to the listing and input information like # of Bedrooms, # of Bathrooms, Square Footage, and other features. Photos do NOT need to be of professional quality but we do highly encourage the best resolution. There's no need to install additional software.

Is there an app for Android or iOS?

At Agent by Offer we are working diligently to make our customer's lives easier in every way possible. At this time, there is no app available, but we are working with our developers to create an app that is supportable on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

How does the "Offer" system work?

The "Offer" system is set up so that real estate professionals can browse, search, and receive notifications for listings that meet their criteria. When an agent has decided to submit an "Offer" on a listing, they will submit details of fees pertaining to their services as either a real estate agent, Realtor®, or property manager. These details include requested commission, exclusivity agreement length, and various other fees if applicable that may occur with their services.

What is an "Offer" and what does it consist of?

Offers are proposals that are submitted to individuals based on listing details. A real estate professional is able to submit a proposal to represent a client in purchasing a property, selling their property, or leasing their property through a property manager. Offers differ based on the type of real estate transaction an individual is trying to achieve. They may consist of commission rates (percentage or flat fee), length of exclusivity agreements, and various other fees that are involved with buying/selling/leasing a property.

Do I need a real estate license to submit "Offers" on Agent by Offer?

Yes. All members that submit "Offers" on Agent by Offer need to be licensed in their state of operations and comply with all national and state regulations.

I received and accepted an "Offer", now what?

Now that you have accepted an "Offer" from a real estate professional, you can print out your "Offer" for records and your provided contact information will be sent to that professional. They will be in contact with you to help you move forward in your real estate goals. They will also provide you with an exclusivity agreement to sign. Please make sure that the exclusivity agreement matches the "Offer" you accepted on Agent by Offer.

What is an "Exclusivity Agreement" and why is it important?

By "exclusivity agreement" we mean any (broker or agent)/seller agreement, (broker or agent)/buyer agreement, property management agreement, or any variation of the sort. These real estate professionals work very hard and spend a lot of time to ensure success in buying, selling, or renting out property for their clients. Real estate professionals show properties, answer questions, negotiate on your behalf, and conduct numerous other tasks. These agreements dissolve any assumptions about the work they put in from start to closing and outline expectations to work exclusively with the professional you have accepted an "Offer" from.

What if my exclusivity agreement doesn't match the "Offer" I accepted on Agent by Offer?

If you and the real estate professional are unable to come to agreeable terms with the exclusivity agreement in accordance with the "Offer" that was accepted, please notify our team at We take our services seriously and hold all our users to a high level of professional conduct.

What if I have a billing issue?

If you incur billing issues please contact our team at We will work to resolve your issues ASAP.

I can't login! Help!

You will need to enter the password that you have set up for your account. Click here if you have forgotten your password.

If you're still unable to log in, please contact our customer support team.