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  • 1. Create a FREE account
  • 2. Create a listing
  • 3. Pay a small fee 100% profits go to charity
  • 4. Receive offers
  • 5. Accept an offer
  • 6. Receive your Agreement/Contract
  • 7. Connect with your Real Estate Professional
  • 1. Create a FREE account
  • 2. Create a profile
  • 3. Search listings
  • 4. Create a subscription
  • 5. Submit an offer
  • 6. Get accepted
  • 7. Connect with your Client

Why use Agent by Offer?

Agent By Offer provides a service designed to make finding Real Estate Agents, Realtors®, and Property Managers easier than ever through our "Offer" system. Clients can create a simple listing to buy, sell, or rent out a home. Real Estate Professionals can search these listings and submit an "Offer" with their best rates. Finding the right Real Estate Professional is just as important as finding the right home. We are here to help you find the right Real Estate Professional by encouraging a competitive environment.

Create a Listing, Accept an Offer, and Get Connected.

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Real Estate Professionals: Join Us

Looking for real clients? Look no further, we bring them to you! We're bringing back competition to the real estate agent market through our one-of-a-kind "Offer" System.

  • Setup your profile with the ability to receive alerts when new listings are created in your area.
  • Compete for clients based on experience, commission, quality service, and reviews.
  • No more competing against huge marketing budgets.
  • No "Weak Leads" here. Clients who take the time to create listings are serious.

Submit an Offer, Get Accepted, and Get Connected.

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